Board Meeting June 2nd, 2016

Post date: Jun 02, 2016 9:20:10 PM

Thank you to all who attended the meeting. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Bellecrest Days are just around the corner and there are many opportunities to volunteer at this amazing event. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Krissy at 403-563-8352 or

    1. Volunteering Dates, Times and Places

        • Float Decorating

            1. June 7th painting - 11am

            2. June 8th decorating - 11am

        • Tents

            1. June 16th, Pick up tents from Coleman – 6pm. Unloading at park.

            2. June 17th, Large tent clean and set up at park – 6pm

            3. June 18th, Set up pop-up tents with vendors at park – 9am

            4. June 18th, Take down & delivery of tents back to Coleman - 4pm

        • Decorating

            1. June 16th, Meet at park - 11am

                  • Crockets and Crowsnest Angler

                  • Canvas on fence

                  • Backdrop of stage

                  • Park